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In an effort to help make your move day a pleasant one, we have prepared some FAQs for you to review. These are some of the most common questions that we incur. Please prepare for your move by having all applicable (loose) items boxed and sealed and all furniture disassembled. Our office will call to confirm your move the day prior, so when scheduling with us, please provide a number where you can be reached during your move.

Are you a licensed mover?
Yes, we are licensed by the state of Texas.

Are my things insured?
We carry the standard coverage that is required by the Texas Department of transportation. Additional insurance can be purchased at your expense.

Do you charge by the item or by the hour?
We charge by flat rate or by hourly rates. If you would prefer a flat rate click here to submit the item details of your move. If you would like to consider an hourly rate or you are unsure, call now and an experienced moving representative will assist you.

Do items have to be disassembled?
Yes. The movers will dissemble and reassemble an item for you at a nominal fee, if you are choosing a flat rate move. If you choose hourly, you pay only the hourly rate and there is no additional fee – please request this when scheduling your move. If you are selecting the option to pay for your move hourly, the same hourly rate will apply for this service. If you are choosing our Flat Rate option, we can quote your move including this service.

Can I leave items in dresser drawers?
Yes, but please remove all breakables. Remove all items out of armoires and dressers with non-secured doors.

Do you sell boxes?
Yes, we do.

Is tipping standard?
Most customers tip between 10%-15% but tips are not required.

What forms of payment are accepted?
AB Moving accepts cash or any major form of credit card. Debit card preferred.

Can the movers call me prior to arrival?
Yes. The office or the crew will call 30 minutes prior to arrival at your specified location.

Do hanging clothes need to be boxed?
Yes. All items that can be boxed must be boxed including but not limited to clothes, pictures, lamps and electronics. All boxes must be sealed on the top and bottom.

What items will not be taken?
Flammables, guns, unboxed items, live plants, pottery, and anything that cannot safely be handled by a two man team.

Can you load or unload a rental truck?

Are there hidden costs?
No. All costs will be given to you prior to the move date. Please be sure and have the keys to your new residence as there will be a fee assessed if the movers have to wait.

Do you offer discounts?
During non-peak times we can provide a discount. Facebook fans get 5% off, if no prior discount has been applied

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